sabato 7 novembre 2015

How to create a Service in Oracle Java Cloud Service

Login on your JCS account, insert your Identity Domain:

Login with your JCS credential:

Now select Oracle Java Cloud Service:

Now select Services:

Select Create Service:

Select the type of Service that you prefer, for this guide I have selected Oracle Java Cloud Service:

Select the version of WLS that you prefer:

Choose the edition (Standard is without cluster):

Fill all the fields

In Service Configuration you can choose how many cpu and ram allocate, in the ssh public key field you must put your pub key

In Weblogic section you must choose a user name and a password to use in the Weblogic Console

For database configuration, you must have already created a database service

With Java Cloud Service you need a database with Backup Destination, so you need to create an Oracle Cloud Storage Container. 

You can also decide to use (or not) a Load Balancer

Click Create:

Now you have to wait (an average of 1,5 hours) and at the end you will have your WLS domain up and running:

If you click on the name of your service (in my case ITPWORKWLS) you can see the details of your service, like public IP of WLS Admin and Load Balancer:

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