sabato 7 novembre 2015

DevOps & Oracle Cloud: Complete step by step guide on how to create from scratch a Maven Project (war) on Eclipse, synchronize it with a Git on Oracle Developer Cloud Service and finally how to use DevCS to build (Hudson) and deploy it on Java Cloud Service

For this guide you need only a laptop or PC with JDK8 and WLS12.1.3 already installed. (WLS is not mandatory but recommended)

If you are not interested on deploying the application on Java Cloud Service, you must follow only the task 3, 6
  1. Generate private and public keys (pub & ppk) for SSH communication
    • you will need a pub key for the creation of a new service in Oracle Java Cloud Service
    • you will need a ppk key for ssh communication from your laptop to Java Cloud Service
  2. Create a Service on Java Cloud Service
  3. Create a Project & a Git repository on Developer Cloud Service
  4. How to access in SSH to Java Cloud Service using Putty and ppk key
  5. How to setup a SSH communication between Developer Cloud Service and Java Cloud Service to enable the Deploy from DevCs to JCS
  6. How to create from scratch a Maven Project on Eclipse, synchronize it with a Git on Oracle Developer Cloud Service and finally how to use DevCS to build and deploy it on Java Cloud Service
If you follow this guide I suggest to look and follow this Gantt file that I have prepared for a customer that I follow. 

This is a "pessimistic" Gantt, but it is an idea of what to do during the waiting time of the creation of Java Cloud Service, but as you can see,  in around 4 hours (I was able to do this in 2 hours) you will be able to create an Hybrid DevOps architecture from scratch. (Task "Porting Application" is out of the scope of this guide).

Obviously for a new project you will spend few seconds, with Oracle Cloud Plug-in inside Eclipse, you will able to create a new project on premise and on cloud and synchronize it in a simple way.

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