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How to create an Oracle Database Service on Oracle Database Cloud Service

With the following images, you can see how is simple the process of creation of a new database service.

Login on your Oracle Database Cloud Service account, then click on "Create Service"

A simple web wizard will appear, in the first task you must choose a "Service Level" and a "Billing Frequency", Oracle Database Cloud Service is the most complete of functionalities:
Click next:

Now you can choose the version of the product:
Click next:

Now you can choose the software edition:
Click next:

Here you can choose user, password and how mani cpu and ram allocate for your service:
Click next:

Remember to put a pub key for ssh communication:
[Oracle Cloud & SSH: How to generate private and public keys (pub & ppk)]
Click next:

I have decided "None" in the Backup Destination field, because is a simple test environment:
If you Select a Backup Destination, you need a Storage Container.
Click next:

You can see a summary of your choices and you can proceed with the creation :
Click Create:

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