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How to restart Weblogic Admin Server in Oracle Java Cloud Service

If you need to restart the Weblogic Admin Server in Oracle Java Cloud Service you can do this in different ways:


The simplest and fastest way is:

with Putty access to your JCS in SSH.
[How to access in SSH to Oracle Cloud using Putty and ppk key]

In the next image you can find all the commands and where to go to restart the Admin Server:

- The path of the domains are always the same : /u01/data/domains
- To access to /u01 remember to execute "sudo su"
- To start the AdminServer you MUST use the under <your_domain>/bin

Use the command:
nohup ./  -Dweblogic.Name=<your WLS Admin server name> &

If you have for example killed all the java processes (NodeManager, Admin and Managed servers), the correct sequence to restart all is:
- go in your <your WLS domain>/bin directory
- Restart the Admin server with
- Restart the NodeManager with, this will automatically restart your managed servers


You can restart everything from your JCS console:

This will restart, Admin Server, Managed Servers and Load Balancer.


You can also use REST APIs:

Look this example with curl:

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