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Creation of an OTD 12.2.1 Domain & Configuration of an OTD Instance

You have learned :

Now we can proceed with the Creation and the Configuration of an OTD Domain.

In the following images you can see the path and the command that you must execute:

execute the

Select "Create a new Domain" and choose a domain location, if you follow this guide use the same path:

Select Oracle Traffic Director - Restricted JRF - 12.2.1 [otd], do not uncheck nothing.

leave the default in application location:

choose an user and a password: weblogic/welcome1

Here I have selected Production so I can explain in more detail some features of OTD and WLS

Check the Administration Server item.

Chage in 8001 the Listen Port (we will use the 7001 for another Admin server)

Click on Create:

Click on Next:

Click on Finish:

We have created an OTD domain with an Admin Server.

Now we must configure the Node Manager, we need it during the OTD configuration.

The first thing to do is to change the listen port:

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain/nodemanager
edit the
execute: gedit

Change the ListenPort from 5556 (that is the default) in 5557. (we will use port 5556 for another nodemanager later)

We can start now the node manager:
Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain/bin
execute: nohup ./ &

with a : tail -f nohup.out, you can see if the nodemanger is started and if it is listening on the correct port:

We can start now the Admin Server of the OTD Domain:

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain/
execute: ./

Because we have selected "Production Mode" we must provide user and password to start the WLS Admin Server: (weblogic/welcome1)

Now the server is running:

Open Firefox Web Browser:

You must use EM console for OTD configurations:


This is the Admin Server of the otd_domain:

Now we will stop the server and we will create a file to be able to start the Admin Server without providing user and password credentials:

Click on the left of "Admin Server (admin)" item, so you can select it and then you can click on Control->Shutdown->Force Shutdown Now:

Click on "Forcibly Shutdown Servers":

As you can see now the Admin Server is down:

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain/servers/AdminServer
create here the directory security (mkdir security)

create the file inside security directory:

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain/servers/AdminServer/security
create here the file (gedit

Insert iside the file the following lines:

At the next restart these informations will be encoded.

Now you can restrt tge Admin Server (without providing credentials):

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain

execute: nohup ./ &

If you whant to see if the server is in Running state you can do a tail -f of the nohup file:

Go to the directory /home/weblogic/Oracle/wls1221/user_projects/domains/otd_domain
execute: tail -f nohup.out

You can also use jps command to see how many jvm are up and running:
execute: /home/weblogic/Oracle/jdk1.8.0_65/bin/jps -l

You can reconnect to the Admin Server:

Now we can configure an OTD, the first thing to do is to configure a Machine:
Select WebLogic Domain->Machines

We are in "Production Mode", so we need to select "Lock & Edit" on the em console:

Click on Create:

Choose a Name (OTDMachine) and select the Machine OS (Unix)

Provide the correct Listen Port and change the default 5556 in 5557 (we will use 5556 later for another Machine)

Click on Create:

You have created the OTDMachine:

Now we can proceed with the OTD Configuration:
Select: WebLogic Domain->OTD Configurations

Click on Create:

Choose a name (wls_multitenancy) and select HTTP

Choose a port (8080), ip address (*) and a Server name (localhost)

We will "link" OTD to a WLS12.2.1 domain (wls 12.2.1 is able to pass his confgurations to OTD), so now you can just click on next.

For your informations (do not do this now) : clicking on Add Server you can provide all the wls server towards which otd can redirect the requests.

Click on Next:

Select the previous created Machine: (OTDMachine)

Select Create Configuration:

Activate Changes from EM Console:

Start your OTD Instance:
Select wls_multitenancy configuration clicking on the left of the item then click on the Start Instances button:

Click on Close:

If you select your configuration:

You can see now your OTD Instance Running:

In the next post we will create a WLS Domain and we will associate OTD to it.

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