domenica 3 gennaio 2016

How to build the examples provided with WLS 12.2.1

You have learned :

Now for our Demo scope, we will build an example provided with WLS 12.2.1, remember that we have installed WLS with samples. (later we will deploy it on two different domain partitions, so you can see isolation of applications in domain partititions)

I have already built the sample and if you prefer you can download it from HERE.

This is a sample that uses the in memory session replication, useful to test some cluster functionalities as High availability.

If you want to learn how to build the samples, follow this guide :)

See the following Images:

Go to the samples directory:
Here you must execute the (but seems to be not executable su you need to execute the command chmod 777 on it)

There are some problems with the, so you need to change a line to be able to build our sample:

In the next image you can see what you have to change:

Now you can go to the directory of our sample and here you can execute the ant command:

ant will build the file InMemRepClient.war:

I suggest to copy the InMemRepClient.war file in /home/weblogic/Oracle directory, it will be easier to deploy it :)

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