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How to create an SSH Tunnel Using the PuTTY Program on Windows to be able to use a remote WebLogic on Oracle Cloud on a local Eclipse

Suppose that you are working on an Oracle Cloud Domain:

Where you have Admin server on port 9001 (default on Oracle Cloud) on public IP address
WebLogic Admin, user: weblogic
WebLogic Admin, password: weblogicPWD

Once you have configured Putty as described in my previous post:
[How to access in SSH to Oracle Cloud using Putty and ppk key]

Then you can configure Tunnelling:

Select Tunnels on the Tree, put 9001 as "source port" and put in "destination" your public ip on cloud of the WLS Admin Server and your admin port, in my example

Click on Add button:

Verify that "Local" and "Auto" field are selected:

Start your putty session and leave it open and running:

Now start your Eclipse:

Click on Window->Show View->Other ...
Select Server

Now you can see the tab Servers on Eclipse:

On the tab Servers, click on the link to create a new server:

Select the version of WLS that you are using on the Cloud:
Click Next:

You must have installed on your local Machine (where Eclipse is running) the same version of WLS.
Fill the Weblogic Home field with the path of your local installation and do the same for the Java Home field:

Click Next:

We are using Tunnelling, so use localhost as Remote Host, and 9001 as port:
Fill the user and password field with a valid user and password for the Admin Server:

in this sample are weblogic/weblogicPWD

Try the Test Connection Button:

Click on Finish:

Now you can see your remote Weblogic in Cloud as a local Weblogic Up & Running:

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