The resources on this page are only simple samples, are an idea on how to do something, but you need to improve them if you plan to use this material in  a real project. this is the entire project described in this POST. It is a Node.js project with oracledb driver and pool connection., this is the entire project described in this POST. It is a web-maven project for Eclipse  with Tomcat Embedded and datasource for connection to DB.

Proxy Servlet (CORS) : this is a war archive with .class & .java file, it is useful if you want to communicate from JCS to ICS, and you would like to solve in a simple way CORS problems.
[How to use it]

IcsRightNow.jsp : this is a sample on how to call an ICS service in HTTPS and with Basic Authentication, using Proxy Servlet (CORS) to solve CORS problems. Ics is using a RightNow service.
[How to use it]

Other samples of request/communication from JCS to other Cloud Services:

- for this samples remember to put jquery lib in the same directory of the jsp

IcsDbRest.jsp : How To call an ICS service from JCS. ICS is using a Rest Service on Database. ICS is under HTTPS and Basic Authentication.

DbRest.jsp : How to call a simple Rest Service without Authentication and without the ProxyServlet.

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